Model United Nations Registration

Ref. No.DPS/STU/AC/18/32

Classes VI to XI and A level

Dear Parents,

Every year, Dawood Public School spans further towards progressive platforms for student development.  As you are aware, the Public Speaking Society has branched into the Model UN program for a number of years now.  Each year the school sends official delegations to conferences pre decided at the start of the year.  We are particular about participation and select reputable and trusted conferences out of a pool of competitive conferences all around Karachi.

MUNs serve as a public speaking platform, essentially as a simulation of the real UN.  The United Nations aim to solve world problems in different committees; the same happens at the Model United Nations. A student participant in a committee is called a delegate, and they represent a country and an allotted world based issue.  Prior to the conference, delegates are given a Study Guide which is essentially a preparation booklet that has details about the topic which delegates can use to develop their speeches.

As students are very excited about participating in the MUNs, we believe it is important to appraise you regarding the structure of the four day event.  MUNs span over four days and generally begin on Thursdays and run through the weekend till Sundays.  Each day is broken into different committee sessions and breaks. The timings are 9 am to 5 pm every day.  At School, we encourage participation from Grade VIII onwards.  Students younger than this are more than welcome to attend training sessions but are not included in the official school delegation as we feel they lack the maturity for the competition.

It is a matter of great pride for DPS to welcome back our alumni who have taken on the responsibility for training their juniors for these competitive development conferences.  This year, we have a member from the Batch of 2015-16 to head the project during the Club and Society period every Monday and on Saturdays between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon.  We are currently training to attend the Habib Model United Nations, which will be taking place from 11th October to 14th October at the Habib University campus.  The selection process will be through a fair trial at the training sessions where everyone gets a chance to speak.  DPS has always awarded hard work and willingness, and once again, these merits will be preferred over capability.

Attending MUN as a DPS delegate

  1. Students may only register as part of a DPS delegation for a MUN that has been approved by the school. You will be informed regarding this via circular/email.
  2. The School will facilitate student delegates who may miss a test as they represent the School at MUN, by rescheduling the test at a later date.
  3. Students who register as a private delegate without the permission of School will not be given any facilitation. Parents must be clear that the School will always inform regarding the selection of your daughter.
  4. Students are advised to attend all the training sessions, skipping them without legitimate reasons may cancel their spot in the team.
  5. The registration fee per delegate is available on the invitation flyer and must be paid in full well in time for the registration date.
  6. The delegation fee will be spread across the number of delegates and divided equally, also to be paid well in time to respect the deadline.
  7. Transport to and from the venue will be the sole responsibility of parents.



Principal O and A level