Field Trip to Exhibition on Moses Somake

Ref No: DPS/STD/AC/18/26

Class VIII  ( All Sections)

Dear Parents,

As a part of our Annual Field Trip, students of class VIII will be taken to the exhibition at TDF Ghar titled ‘TheLlife and Works of Moses Somake’ the most prominent architects who shaped Karachi’s cityscape. His impressive portfolio in Karachi includes the Flagstaff House, Mules Mansion, Edward House, BVS Parsi School, are but to name a few. The exhibition depicts Karachi’s glorious past.

Teachers and security staff will accompany the students.

Lunch boxes will be provided to students at the venue.

Ensure that students come in proper school uniform and with ID Cards on their person.

Please sign the consent slip provided below and send it along with Rs. 300/- (trip charges) to the respective class teacher by Monday, September 10, 2018.

Wednesday, September 12,  2018 Grade VIII A, B and C
Thursday, September 13,  2018 Grade VIII D ,E and F

The schedule for the trip is as follows

Principal O level

Consent Slip


I, ___________________________________, parent of ________________________________, Class _________ Sec________ allow my daughter to visit the exhibition on Moses Somake at the TDF Ghar . Rs.300/- is attached for the trip charges.

I will not hold the school responsible for any occurrence beyond that of human control.


Contact Number:__________________  Parent’s Signature: _____________  Date: __________