Security Measures at DPS

Ref. No.STD/AW/18/37


Dear Parents,

Dawood Public School is always looking to strengthen existing facilities and we believe that true growth and sustainable development is never entirely possible without a continuing communication between all parents and the School.  We are proud of the healthy relationship we have with our parent body and the positive feedback we have been receiving regarding all matters.

In light of the current challenges regarding traffic congestion and security concerns, kindly take note of the steps we have taken to ensure an improvement in this regard:

  1. DPS has revamped and alerted its security apparatus at all positions around the School campus.
  2. Our security guards are present at all points of pick and drop during mornings and afternoons.
  3. Local traffic police is collaborating with DPS security staff to assist with streamlining the rush at morning drop off and afternoon pick up times.

Our students’ security and comfort is of utmost importance to us and we are thankful for the kind compliance of all parents towards the advice offered by our staff during these rush hours in order to avoid bottle necks.

However, we realize that improvement is always an on-going process and we must always be ready to upgrade strategies to cater to growing requirements.  Please consider the following requests in order to help us organize our sensitive times at the gates even better:

  1. Kindly guide your drivers to abide by the school traffic and security rules advised by the security staff at the gates. Our staff is well aware of the multiple challenges of staggered dispersal, parking places and traffic flow and will always advise in the favour of the school community.
  2. We request everyone to avoid unfortunate behavior lapses at the gate.  Arguments with the security staff can never solve a problem.  We are always willing to accept pertinent suggestions and will encourage appointment-based communication for any feedback you may wish to share.
  3. A substantial amount of the parent community has selected a commercial van service for their children.  We would like to request you all to gather amongst yourselves and consider the supervision of this service by volunteer parents, to ensure complete security during the times when the children are not inside the DPS campus.

Finally, we request all parents to maintain a watchful eye when they visit school.  All your feedback, suggestions and observations will undoubtedly assist us in creating a safer community for our children.  Together and united we can overcome all challenges and set forth a worthy example of an educated community. We thank you for all and look forward to your continued support and cooperation


School Management