Parent Teacher Meeting

Ref. No.DPS/STD/PTM/18/42  

Pre-Primary Section (Both Shifts)


Dear Parents,

Dawood Public School welcomes you to the first Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) which is scheduled for Saturday, 13th October, 2018 from 8:30 am to 12:00 noon. Individual time slots of appointment will be communicated via H.W diary by the class teacher.

During the meeting work habits, academic progress, social skills and special talents of your child will be discussed therefore kindly make sure to attend the meeting. Please comply with the following rules and regulations to make this day successful for all concerned.

Kindly Note:

  1. Only parents should attend the meeting
  2. DPS students, siblings, relatives, tuition-teachers, etc. will not be allowed to attend the PTM in place of the parents. You are also requested not to bring small children along.
  3. Punctuality is very important and will be appreciated. Kindly be considerate of others and try to attend and complete your meeting within the given time.
  4. Carry your PAC for entry into the school premises and please follow the directions of the guards, and attendants for parking outside the school and for checking in at the welcome desks.


Principal O level