Registration for International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest – 2018

Ref. No. DPS/STD/AC/18/19

Classes I to XI


Dear Parents,

Kindly be informed that registration for the 15th International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC)  –  2018  for classes I to XI is now open.

Kindly note the details given below:


  • Event date:                                         15th November 2018
  • Registration Fee:                               Rs 800/-
  • Last date for submission of Fee:    10th September, 2018
  • Eligibility: Students of classes I to XI are eligible to participate in the contest.


If you wish for your daughter to participate in the competition, kindly sign the following registration slip and send back along with registration fee to the respective English teacher by Monday 10th  September, 2018.Please note: Late entries shall not be entertained.




Principal O level




I ______________________________, parent of _____________________________________of class/sec _____, Cell #________________, email ___________________________________ wish to register my daughter for the 15th International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition (IKLC) – 2018. An amount of Rs.800/- is attached herewith. I have provided the correct date of birth and spelling of names below:

Student name (Please write in capital letters):________________________________________________ Father’s name: (Please write in capital letters): _______________________________________________ Student’s date of birth: ____________________________________


Date:________________                                          Parent’s Signature: ___________________________