Reminder (Revised Policy for Late comers)

Ref. No.DPS/STD/TIM/17/15


Class I – XI

Reminder (Revised Policy for Late comers)

Dear Parents,

Discipline plays a vital role in life. We strive to imbibe core values in our students and importance of time is one of them.  You are well aware of the school timings and rules regarding punctuality. During the session 2015-16 students were given written warning for two late arrivals and on the third late they were sent home. However considering students missing crucial academics the policy was revised in the session 2016-17 and a fine of Rs 1000 was made obligatory with effect from Monday 27th February 2017. Therefore, any student arriving late to school a third time will not be sent home but a fine of Rs. 1000/- will be charged for the third late and onwards.


  •  In case of severe emergency kindly call beforehand and inform the school on the following numbers:  34130670-71, 38403588-93
  • Frequent calls expressing emergency will not be entertained.

Looking forward to your cooperation.


Principal O level