Heavy Bags

Ref. No:DPS/STD/AC/18/48




Dear Parents,

Dawood Public School follows a well-constructed homework routine which allows for sufficient focus and revision time for each subject.  Text and Note books are sent home according to this schedule and teachers are particular about following the same.  Moreover, homework is sent home daily via email to keep parents apprised regarding the schedule and frequency of tasked work so that there is no confusion.

However, it has been observed that students in order to comply with parental requests choose to take home extra books and copies despite the advice and instruction of teachers.

Kindly be informed that any additional task, besides that which is sent as daily prescribed homework, will be intimated to parents expressly via email or a meeting requested by a subject teacher in accordance with guidance from the Section In-charge.  In most cases, any extra attention to studies is given during school hours just so the students are not burdenised with carrying heavy bags.

We are very concerned about the holistic development of our students and are firmly against the allowance of carrying heavy bags to or from school.

Parents who require Text and Note book other than the prescribed homework from school are requested to email the Section In-charge, or write a note in the student homework diary.  Parents who allow for extra text and note books are requested to also tag the bags as ‘heavy by parent request’.

We are thankful of your supportive role in all our developmental activities and look forward to your continued cooperation.


Principal O level