Animal Kingdom (Project Day) Class I

Ref. No:STD/AC/19/129

Class I

Dear Parents,

It was a wonderful experience working with the children on the theme of Animal Kingdom. Children enjoyed preparing art work and engaging in creative writing. Monkey show was another highlight of the theme.

To culminate the theme activities a project day is organized on 26th February 2019. Children may come in animal costume if they wish according to assigned category of animals to their class.

  • Class IA—- Birds
  • Class IB—- Amphibians
  • Class IC—- Insects
  • Class ID—- Mammals
  • Class IE—- Reptiles
  • Class IF—- Marine Animals

They will also display their mini projects on the same day.

Note: If you wish to send pets, kindly tag them with your child’s name, class and with appropriate safety instructions and measures.




School Management