Study Regime

Ref. No:STD/AC/18/44

Class I to XI


Dear Parents,

The first Parent Teacher Meeting was quite a success.  Your healthy participation and feedback received from the collaborative meetings will certainly assist us in moving forward with the DPS vision of strong connections with parents for happy, confident students.

As we approach the October tests, we have noticed that students are beginning to feel some pressure towards performance.  The frequent concept reviews in each subject are aimed at helping our students learn better.  They focus on two important aspects of development – time management and an awareness of taxonomy language.  These concept reviews are not announced and vary in type to help students understand their personal areas which require attention.  All students are provided with learning objectives after each lesson in order to help them know what they need to learn.

At DPS, we strongly believe that all students develop at their own pace and we strive hard to nurture individual talents to overcome academic stress which students inadvertently take.  As parents, you must encourage students to do their best – not only during exams or assessments and tests, but at all times.  Students with a consistent routine for responsibility towards tasks will always perform better than students who spike their efforts to perform better at any assessment only.  We must collectively ensure a comfortable and consistent work ethic, and discourage stressing over marks.We would like to request you to stand with the school faculty in assuring the students that all concept reviews, tests or assessments are to determine the paths which each student is making for individual progress and do not require anything more than responsibility on the part of the student.

Academic progress requires nothing more than regular attendance, paying attention during class, consistent task completion and a healthy amount of fun.  A lapse in any one of these prerequisites often leads to disturbance in a student’s life.  As parents and teachers, it is our collective responsibility to ensure each aspect is carefully fostered.  We offer multiple opportunities for extra-curricular participation which is just as essential as academics towards holistic development.  We advise all parents to allow this participation as it helps to provide a most important element of friendship and fun.

Children are loved and appreciated not because of what they can achieve or how well they can perform, but because they are unique and talented and blessed with individual potential which will shine at a time which is perfect for every individual child.

Looking forward to your cooperation as always,


Principal O level