Festival of Lights – Details

Ref. No.DPS/STD/AC/18/87


Pre Primary to XI

Dear Parents,

We look forward to two wonderful nights of knowledge and adventure as we gear up for the Festival of Lights this weekend.  Dawood Public School is proud to announce that students will develop essential life skills in the evening through the variety of activities planned for them and students are not required to attend morning classes but grade X and XI mock exams will be conducted as per schedule. School will remain closed on Friday 16th March, 2018 in the morning for Pre Primary to grade IX.

Kindly be reminded once again that the Annual Charity Carnival is held every year to develop a spirit of giving within the DPS family; students, faculty and parents alike.  An added feature is the Blood Donation Drive by Indus Hospital – for parents who wish to be a part of the nation’s donors.  We encourage the participation of all students at their respective positions – be it a stall or at the Parade.   Please find the particular instructions for the Festival attraction your daughter is a part of:

Parade Participants

  1. Students to report at 5.30 pm from Gate A.  Parents to escort their daughter till A Level staircase and handover to Ms Najma Farooqui (Primary) and Saima Waqar (Pre Primary).  Attendance will be taken.
  2. Students to be collected at 8.30 pm on Day 1 – Friday, 16th March – from A Level staircase
  3. Students to be collected at 9.30 pm on Day 2 – Saturday, 17th March – from A Level staircase

Stall Holders

  1. Students to report at 4.30 pm from Gate A.  Students must proceed to their stalls and arrange set-up as advised and discussed with their teacher.
  2. Students are advised to sell their wares only from their stalls. However they may engage in the healthy promotion of their stalls. We have advised all students to maintain dignity at all times and teachers will be positioned to ensure propriety.
  3. Stall holders to shut down stalls by 9.30 pm in order to be present in A Level Ground for Fireworks Display at 10.00 pm.
  4. Students must not abandon stall.  Money collection is their own responsibility.  A teacher is positioned to guide and assist.  Kindly note that the objective here is to develop entrepreneurial skill and a spirit of team work.

Students are allowed to wear casual clothes to the Charity Carnival but must carry the School ID on their person.  After the Carnival is over, dispersal will be from Gate C.  Parents are advised to arrange meeting points with their daughters for collection at the end.  There will be a rush and we hope to see our DPS family cooperating with each other for an amicable and successful event.


Principal O level