Volunteer Parents

Ref. No:DPS/STD/AC/18/55

Pre Primary to A Level


Dear Parents,

Parents are a great resource and support. We believe in home school partnership and value your participation. Parents desiring to volunteer at the ‘Children’s Day’ are requested to fill in the consent slip and return it via email to [email protected] latest by Saturday, 10th November, 2018. The ‘Universal Children’s Day’ will be celebrated on 20thNovember 2018. The first twenty parents who send their consent will be entertained.

We value your participation. Together we can make a difference.

Looking forward to your cooperation.


Principal O & A level


Consent Slip


I parent of _________________________of class ___________would like to register as a Volunteer Parent during the Children’s Day scheduled on 20thNovember 2018.


Mobile No: _____________________                       Email: _____________________________