Admission to A Level for DPS O Level

Ref. No:DPS/ALEVEL/15/11/2018

O Level


Dear Parents,


Thank you for taking out time to attend the Orientation session to the A Level.  As we are all aware that the success of a school is based on the academic as well as the extracurricular culture created in the school. Henceforth, DPS A Level fosters a challenging, caring, friendly and secure learning environment for young ladies, who would like to reach their niche in life.

We, at Dawood Public School are always happy to facilitate and benefit our students and parents, in whatever way we can. In lieu of this, and to accommodate and facilitate the admission process of students from DPS O Level to the A Level college section, the following Admission packages are being offered to the DPS O Level students only.

Early Bird Packages:

  • Admission from 1st November 2018 to 31st January 2019                100% Scholarship on Admission fee only.
  • Admission from 1st February to 31st June 2019                              50% Scholarship on admission fee only.
  • Admission from 1st July 2019 onwards                                          Full admission fee charged.

Note: Students coming into the A Level from DPS O Level will also be eligible for merit scholarships as per the school policy.

Parents are encouraged to avail this opportunity by completing the formalities of admission, within the dates stipulated above inorder to secure a place for their daughter in the A Level. The registration form may be filled online and downloaded from the DPS website and submitted to the Admission department.

Dear Parents, joining any A Level School after completing O Level studies requires not just great adjustment and compromise, on the part of the student but also a motivating learning environment. However, students coming in from Dawood Public School O Level to the A Level enjoy and benefit the comfort of feeling at home and hence are able to focus and channelize their energies completely and more positively towards achieving excellence in academics as well as their personality development.  It gives me great pleasure  to  share that in  the  short  span  of  six years,  the  A Level  has proudly  produced high achievers twice in four CAIE subjects; first in Environmental Management across Pakistan in  the May/  June  2014, CAIE, and then in Physic, Chemistry and Biology also across Pakistan in May/ June 2016 CAIE. This year too we look forward to bagging some more Top Distinctions, which will hopefully be announced in Nov/Dec, 2018, by the Cambridge University.

Our committed and experienced staff at the A Level campus ensures a zero tuition culture by keeping the students intellectually stimulated and personally inspired to provide a firm foundation for future development. Moreover, to broaden each student’s socio-cultural horizons and interest in world affairs, lessons are also supplemented by guest speakers, video conferences, educational trips, panel discussions, parliamentary debates, etc. Added to this, our strong clubs / societies run co/extracurricular activities, which visibly strengthen students’ confidence and leadership attributes in all areas of their life.

We look forward to welcome you to the A Level.



Principal A level