Exclusive Enrichment Programme

Ref. No:STD/AW/19/004

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to offer a curriculum that caters to the aptitudes and interests of students.

Dawood Public School wishes to expand its curriculum by offering additional courses to those who wish to explore and strengthen their individual potentials. Following are the courses:

S.No Courses Programme Includes Classes
01 Analytical Development STEAM, Young Chef, Gardening and Yoga Nursery to KG II
02 Expression Development Imagination Station, Story Telling,       Elocution and Etiquettes Nursery to KG II
03 Expression Development Skits, Elocution and Speeches I and II
04 Analytical Development Robotics and Genius Math I and II
05 STEAM Integration of Science Technology, Engineering Art and Math III to VIII

We invite you to register for the Exclusive Enrichment Programme and assist us in making our school and inclusive and comprehensive institute.


  • These classes are optional: they are not part of the main school curriculum and may carry additional charges.
  • Limited seats are available.
  • Those who wish to apply can fill the registration form by clicking on the given link by Thursday 8th August, 2019.
  • Submission of the registration form does not guarantee admission.


Principal O level