Virtual Classes for Secondary Section

Dear Students and Parents,

In light of the uncertain length of school closure, Dawood Public School has initiated an alternative teaching and learning process for the Secondary Section; Grades VI, VII, VIII and IX.  As senior students, Grade IX classes will begin on Monday 9th March, whereas Grades VI, VII and VIII will begin from Tuesday 10th March 2020.  Teachers will send classroom invites to the students one day before; students must use their individual IDs to log in to the class using only that ID, personal IDs will not work.

We have scheduled three classes per day between 9.00 am to 12.00 noon.  This will be done via Google Classrooms which is a free app on Google Playstore (Android) or AppStore (iOS), it is also available as a web version. The classroom can be availed on a laptop or any smartphone using WiFi or mobile data.  The school has created individual student email IDs for your convenience; these can be reviewed in the lists attached for Grade VI, Grade VII, Grade VIII and Grade IX.

The process for entering can be viewed on tutorial at Help Centre.

Once familiar with the process, kindly follow the steps to the Google Classroom as given below:

  • Identify your ID from the list given below.
  • Each individual ID will be used as per the GR number of each student.
  • Log into Gmail via the given ID.
  • The password for each ID is currently the same: [email protected]
  • Change the password as per convenience. Do not forget the new password.  It is suggested that the new password is written in the HW diary for reference.
  • Students will receive an invite on the ID provided by the school.
  • The email will mention a class code.
  • Browse: if using a laptop or use Google Classroom app if using smartphone.
  • Log into this classroom as a student via the given ID.
  • Click the + icon on the top right corner of the page to join the classroom via the classroom code in the invite email sent by the teacher.
  • Classes will be uploaded daily; with lectures, links, assignments and references.
  • Students must complete and submit assigned tasks as per instructions.
  • Students are required to mark their attendance by submitting their name and section in the comment box as they join each class.
  • All questions will be resolved by the teacher in the same virtual classroom.

As this is a pilot venture, we request parental cooperation and support in our endeavor to continue extended learning at this difficult time. There may be questions to the process.  Any parental query for these virtual classrooms may kindly be emailed at [email protected] and you will be replied at the earliest.

Looking forward to your cooperation.