Resuming Online Classes For Primary Section

Grades I to V


Ref. No:STD/AC/20/188

Dear Parents,

During this unprcedented and long stay-home circumstances, we have been reaching out to stay closely connected with our students and are grateful for the kind support of parents.

Online Classes, Time tables and requirements

The Online classes I to V will commence from Monday, 8th June, 2020. The timetable will be sent via HW ID and is also uploaded on the website (click here). The sessions will be conducted as per previous practice, (from I to class III, via ZOOM and from class IV to V via Google Classroom) You are requested to fill in the consent form for the online classes and send it at parentliaiso[email protected] to allow your child to avail this facility. You are also requested to enter the online sessions with your daughter’s name and wait in the waiting room till you are allowed the access, as this will ease out to mark her attendance.

Inclusion of

From Monday 8th June, 2020 we are proud to announce a new online venture, for all students to engage their time and enhance creative energies. The variety of programs at will offer students of all ages an enrichment of knowledge as learning becomes an exciting venture for them.

The process is simple. Every student will receive an email via the school generated ID, i.e., GR If you haven’t already got yours, please visit the website for the same.  The invitation will include an exclusive password for individual skill development, with points for added fun. Allow your daughters to participate at their own free time! However, the tasks must be completed within the time frame suggested by the teacher, as this will allow the teacher to keep track of completed assignments and students learning on regular basis.

In addition to that we have designed an interesting and captivating Lockdown Diary that will be emailed and also available at the website. Kindly ensure that your child fills in this diary and submits accordingly.

Happy Learning!

Stay safe and healthy.

Looking forward to your cooperation.



Seemi Aamir

Head of Primary Section