Resuming Online Classes For Secondary Section

Grades VI – X


Ref. No:STD/AC/20/186

Dear Parents,

As we begin the final phase for session 2019-20, the teachers are geared up and excited to replace the chatter of students in school corridors to the buzz of learning on virtual wires!

Online Classes – Platform and Procedure

Kindly be informed that all class timetables have been uploaded on the school website (click here). These mandatory classes will form a portion of the final exam result and all tests embedded into the subject deliveries must be taken seriously and returned promptly.

The Online classes for Grades VI to X will be conducted via Google Classroom exactly as they were conducted in the previous phase.  The class-code will be shared via email to the student ID generated by school.  If you have forgotten the password or are facing any technical issues, we request you to iron out all hindrances prior to commencement of classes.  Students must mark their attendance promptly by typing their name and section in the chat column.  The use of a laptop or computer will certainly serve better than a smartphone for availing the complete features of this virtual experience.

You have been requested to fill in the consent form for these online classes.  Kindly note that your daughter will not be able to attend these classes unless the form is duly received.

Inclusion of

We are proud to announce a new online venture for this final portion in our teaching phase.  The site will offer our eager learners an enrichment of knowledge weaved into an interactive platform as learning becomes an exciting adventure. This will be an additional feature in core subjects of Math, Science, English, History and Geography.  All exercises here will also form an essential portion of the final result.

Classes will come to an end on Friday 10th July and we hope to issue the final result within the following week.   These past months have definitely been a struggle for each of us at multiple levels. Thank you for matching all our endeavours at the School with your cooperation – these past months have endorsed the importance of a strong and resilient bond between the school and parents.

Join us in the pledge for continuing to overcome the challenges we foresee to achieve a brighter future ahead.  We send the sincerest of wishes for health and well-being to the homes of each one of our dear students, and pray for the healing of our country, and our world.

Thank you,

Sharmeen Hussain

Head of Secondary Section