Reading Sessions

Ref.No:STD/RS /19/19

Pre Primary class IX


Dear Parents,

Our Volunteer-Parent Reading Program has gained in popularity over the years. We are thankful of your continued enthusiasm for participating in this joint venture.  The home-school partnership we have founded has borne many fruit over the years.  We believe good speaking is always the outcome of eloquent listening and are always striving to enhance this potential in all our children.

As always, at the onset of Academic Session 2019-20, we invite parents and grandparents who are good readers in English, Urdu or Sindhi to share their time and expertise to develop articulation and oratory skills in our dear students.

If you wish to volunteer for this program, kindly send your confirmation and details of the time and day of your availability via email to [email protected] or fill in the slip appended below and submit to the Class Teacher latest by September 6th, 2019.

Thanking you in anticipation of your cooperation, we look forward to your participation.


School Management

Volunteer Consent Slip


I parent/grandparent of _________________________of class ___________would like to register as a Volunteer Parent/Grandparent for the reading sessions.


I am interested in reading in English / Urdu / Sindhi to students of ages: ____________


I am available:


Day and Date:————————————


Cell No:————————————