Grade XI students to reconnect with teachers

Ref. No: STD/EX/20/147

Dear Students,

It’s time to reconnect with your teachers and your school.  As you know, the CAIE exams will no longer be held this May/June 2020.  The effects of the current unfortunate scenario are multifold, and as yet unclear.  However, we want you to rest assured that we are in close observation of all aspects of the different statements coming from Cambridge and will do the best for all of you.

As of now, it is important to get abreast with studies and revise the syllabi of all subjects, under the able supervision of teachers.  For this, your teachers will be sending out invites on Zoom soon.  They will discuss the future course of action for each subject.  Please get yourselves equipped and ready for this session on Wednesday, 1st April 2020.

We strongly recommend that you:

  • Arrange for Wifi facility, with a back- up data provider in case of a break in your primary facility.
  • Download Zoom, Google Classroom and Google Hangouts onto your laptop/cellphones.
  • Install speakers/mics/cameras if you don’t already have them on your choice of medium.
  • Keep your data packages updated.
  • Keep your devices fully charged.

The plan of the School is to guide you through the path that will now be required for your Grade.  We know you must be aware that Cambridge is looking for forecasts and evidence of your projected ability.  We want you to be extremely attentive and responsible from this time onwards.  We will require:

  • A pledge to do your best under the current circumstances – we’re with you, don’t worry.
  • Responsibility to follow all given instructions.
  • Complete compliance with teachers’ guidelines.
  • Full attendance in all virtual interactions.
  • Timely submission of all stated requirements.

The WhatsApp group made for all of you is our platform to connect with you as a group.  There will be shorter forums made by teachers, based on individual requirements.  Kindly ensure you join each one and give the required responses expected from you.

The school has also generated individual school email IDs for each one of you.  Click here for the same. One-time first password for every ID is [email protected].  Kindly login to Gmail through that ID, change your password and remember it.  We suggest you write it down in your HW diary to avoid forgetting it.  Our IT team will support you for any technical assistance you may require.  This team is available on the Grade XI WhatsApp group.

We look forward to a motivated future course of action and assure you once again that we’ve got your back!

Warm Regards,