Welcome to the session 2019-2020


Pre-Primary to O-Level

Dear Parents,

We are happy to see our students well settled into Academic Session 2019-20 as we look forward to another stimulating year of learning, growing and fun.  The focus on studies and development is in full swing and it is a pleasure to reach out to all parents to include them in the journey we will take together this year.

It is important that we begin the year with an understanding of essential procedures. The following salient features will be incorporated into the school year.

  1. Academics

We would like to share our outstanding CAIE result with all parents. Each year, we are proud of the results which our students achieve; their successes stand as a testament to the dedicated faculty and supporting parents which is the backbone of Dawood Public School.  With 59% of all appearing students scoring A*/A, followed by 27% achieving B, our grade thresholds uphold our traditions of academic excellence.

These results would certainly assure you that we offer comprehensive learning strategies to cater for all levels of academic ability.  Each year we emphasize on your guidance for the maintenance of a strong study regimen at home.  As always, the School will provide any additional learning assistance if required.The offices of each Section In-Charge will be happy to help wherever you feel extra learning support is required.

Verbal expression is an important twenty-first century skill. To encourage students attain this, concept review this year will include an oral and a written test. The oral test will be a replacement of one concept review for each student. This will encourage students and enhance their confidence in expressing themselves and the curriculum content.

II  Enrichment Programs

This year we are proud to announce an Exclusive Enrichment Program for students. As an equal opportunity school, we recognize that students have differing and varied interests and we would like to encourage them to explore their potential.  Students in KG I, KG II, Grades I and II may enroll in Analytical Development, Expression Development or both if they wish. Whereas students in Grades III to VIII will be offered STEAM modules

An invitation to register for this exclusive program has been emailed earlier and we look forward to exciting developmental sessions for these students.

III. Parent Cooperation

Thank you for volunteering in all the wonderful ventures we carried out together last year. This year too, we look forward to further strengthening our bond.  As always, invitations to volunteer for various programs will be sent via email. Working together will certainly add to the holistic development of our children.

We are grateful for your continued support in all facility enhancement projects. The start of the session saw an overwhelming cooperation of all parents for parking the school vans outside. The pick and drop of the children to and from school is the sole responsibility of the parents. As the children’s safety is always our primary concern, we do take as much care as possible. We would like to reiterate here that the parents must take responsibility of the children at home time. The management has repeatedly asked parents to work collectively and volunteer to streamline the children going by vans.  We look forward to the same helpful attitude as you guide your selected van drivers to comply with school procedures.

IIII. Communication

Please ensure that all communication is done via email or student’s HW diary. Time and again we may request you to meet with teachers to discuss the progress of your daughter.  It is important to her that you take time out to attend these meetings.  Our years’ of experience has shown what difference this attention can make.

As a strong believer of healthy discussion, the School has an open door policy for easy communication.  Our Management welcomes feedback and suggestions and will facilitate an appointment should you want to voice any concern you might have.  We encourage virtual connectivity and celebrate the age of technical advancements just as you do.  However, we request that you refrain from posting negative perspectives regarding the School on social media.  It will only reflect negatively on the choice you have made for your most valued possession – your child.

  1. Attendance and Discipline:

Morning Assembly is an important gathering for all students. This year, we are introducing a ten-minute PE session to start the day with energising vigor.  Students are expected to be inside school gates before 7.40 am.  Please ensure that punctuality is maintained.

We thank you for your cooperation all of last session for using the mandatory PAC cards and look forward to continued cooperation for another safe and secure school year.

  1. Extra-Curricular Development

DPS offers a multitude of student development opportunities. From selection to Student Council to representing School at Special Olympics; from leadership ventures at Clubs and Societies to performing at Stage Plays, we have something to offer for students at every age.  Please encourage your child to step forward for whatever announcement appeals to her.  We often hear students shying away from participation because they feel studies will be affected.  We assure you that we guide students around their interests.  School is a journey of self discovery for students, and to find encouragement from home and teachers both is what will help them reach their potentials.

VII. DPS Ventures

DPS is proud to introduce Afternoon School as an outreach venture for underprivileged students.  The effort to provide less fortunate, yet deserving and talented children with similar facilities as those for your children has been a journey we began late last session. It humbles us to see the countless blessings which we cater to everyday.

Summer School too, has successfully completed a second year. With fun and learning opportunities intertwined for multiple age groups, we look forward to offering this as a regular feature each summer and look forward to your continued enthusiastic participation.

What was once a distant dream is now a celebrated reality at DPS Saturday School. The buzz on campus each Saturday has grown tremendously as students, siblings and friends team up for exciting activities of learning and skill development.  Enjoying our multiple facilities in a secure environment, our sessions began from 24th August 2019, but our doors remain open to welcome your children to our exciting opportunities. DPS website carries all the information and program details.

After successful completion of our two-weeks settling phase, we confidently reiterate our pledge. Our students are our pride. And the partnership we hold is a privilege. Together we look forward to another year of progress and success, not only in academics, but also in moulding the character of the generation we hold in our hands.

Wishing you success and happiness.

School Management