Nursery to Grade IX

Ref. No: STD/UD/20/145

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope that all of you are safe and healthy.  The month of March is not the same without the excitement of school and students.  We miss our young learners and hope that they miss school too.

The conditions across the world are as yet unclear, with several differing forecasts of what may lie ahead.  In the past two weeks, we have had to cater for ever-changing conditions.  With every change, we have adapted and continued reaching out to maintain an academic routine for all our learners.  Our Virtual Classes and engaging HW have been consistently providing academic continuity and we are grateful for all the support and appreciation you have shown for our endeavours.  Your encouragement has certainly helped us make stronger connections.

There have been several concerns shared by parents and students on the various platforms where we communicate and we have replied personally to almost every one of your messages.  We hope that by now the message from the School has reached all parents and students – that there is no urgency or deadline for any submission or work completion.  We are completely aware of the struggles in every home and will accommodate you as best possible.  Some students have begun to email work and have received checked HW back from teachers.  It is heartwarming to see such enthusiasm in our young learners.  Students who are facing logistical issues may follow whenever they can conveniently manage.  Our teachers will respond to these emails as and when they can manage.

The schedules suggested for HW submissions and the dates offered for HW uploads are a structure that will help us all stay focused on the learning of our students.  These are not dates which have been set in stone.  We believe parents are just as committed to supporting the learning process as our teachers are in providing one.  The teacher-student relationship is one that nurtures growth and development alongside learning and taking responsibility.  We look forward to this relationship rising above these trying times so that our DPS family collectively succeeds once this is all behind us.  Standing united with strength in character, belief in compassion and a show of sensitivity, we can certainly overcome this challenges to our lives.

We thank you for your continued cooperation and wish you safety and health.