Homework Updates (Primary and Secondary)

Grade I to IX

Ref. No: STD/AW/20/144

Dear Parents,

It is indeed a time to come together and help our children learn during these uncertain times, but our efforts can only prove beneficial to student learning if your role is enhanced as supervisors to ensure that learning continues; this includes completion of assignments and homework.

Our distant learning program includes virtual classes and engaging HW.  This is all aimed towards essential syllabus coverage as we prepare students to move to the next level of academic life under the uncertain conditions prevailing.

As previously informed, virtual classes for Grades VI to IX will continue until syllabus is completed.  Further to this, with effect from Wednesday 25th March, weekly HW for Secondary Section will provide revision, whereas the same will provide syllabus coverage for the Primary Section.  All topics covered will be included in Final Examinations.

The HW on the website was given before 13th March.  Sufficient time has elapsed for its completion.  This may kindly be emailed back at a convenient time before Wednesday 25th March for the teachers to check.

At this time, you need to acquaint yourselves and apply technological solutions.  The list of email IDs for the teachers of your child is available on the school website. Kindly email all written work to the respective teacher on the provided email address.  It is easy to download a free scanner app on your smartphones and scan the written work of your child.  The scan or picture can be attached as a document to the email.  Student work will be checked and returned with constructive feedback, within a week of submission.  Kindly mention the name of your child, class and section clearly in the subject line of the email.

The schedule for HW (Grades I till IX) is given below for your convenience.

Date at which HW is received by Parents Date at which Homework will be emailed by Parents to Teachers Date at which Teachers will return checked HW to Parents.
Wednesday 25th March Monday 30th March Tuesday 7th April
Wednesday 1st April Monday 6th April Tuesday 14th April
Wednesday 8th April Monday 13th April Tuesday 21st April
Wednesday 15th April Monday 20th April Tuesday 28th April


We look forward to your cooperation during this current uncertainty.