School Update

Pre Primary to Grade X 

Ref. No:STD/IN/20/169

Dear Parents,

It has been a pleasure interacting with our dear students and parents.  Despite the continual uncertainty of lockdown situations, the school community has worked hard to stay connected with academics, and we are grateful for the cooperation and teamwork among students, teachers and parents.

The combination of Virtual Classes, uploaded HW and the live Zoom interactive sessions were all essential components of learning for the Final Term.

At the end of our academic ventures, it is important to recognize the need for timely submissions and quality of work.  We have relaxed several dates to accommodate the challenges faced by students and parents.  But as we approach the month of Ramadan, routines will undoubtedly change.  Kindly note the following important dates:

27th April 2020 Final HW Submissions All Sections
30th April 2020 Final Submissions for Virtual Class Assignments Secondary Section – Grades VI-IX

Students have been submitting pieces of work with regular intervals, each of which have been duly checked and returned by the class and subject teachers.  Kindly note that the submitted work will carry ten marks within each subject at the Final Exams.  The previous last date of submission was Friday 24th April.  Student work that is submitted between Friday 24th April and Monday 27th April, will be accepted, but may not be checked and returned until Monday 1st June.

The daily live development modules will be discontinued from Monday 27th April until further notice.   However, the online Quran Classes for students of Grades IV to IX will continue on Zoom through the Holy month of Ramadan from Monday 27th April till Thursday 21st May (3rd Ramadan till 27th Ramadan).  Invites will be posted on Class WhatsApp groups as per previous practice.  Kindly review the altered schedule:

Grade Days of online Classes Timings
IV Every Monday and Wednesday 1:00 pm -1:40 pm
V Every Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 pm -1:40 pm
VI Every Monday and Wednesday 1:00 pm -1:40 pm
VII Every Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 pm -1:40 pm
VIII Every Monday and Wednesday 1:00 pm -1:40 pm
IX Every Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 pm -1:40 pm

We pray for a healing of the conditions we are facing, and look forward to school reopening with regular timings on Monday 1st June, 2020, as per government directives.

We wish you all a safe and blessed Ramadan and a happy summer vacation.