Precautionary Measures During Summer Months

Ref. No:STD/AW/19/162

Pre Primary to O level

Dear Parents,

The Weather Department has predicted high temperatures during this summer. Our students’ health is our prime concern. Considering this we have taken measures to protect our children from the harsh aspects of the season.

To replenish children and avoid dehydration children will be allowed to drink water and juices during the classes.  Please make sure that your child carries a water bottle. To protect from direct sunlight we request parents to ensure that children wear DPS cap to school (available at Ghani Sons).

The school has ample shady areas for children to relax during break and teachers ensure that they are in the shade. The PE classes are conducted in the gym and in the shade.

When you come to pick your child you are advised, to carry a water bottle or you may buy it from the stall set up outside the campus for your convenience. If possible also carry an umbrella.

We look forward to your cooperation.



Principal O level