CAIE options for grade X

Grade X

Ref. No: STD/EX/20/150

Dear Parents and Students,

Reference to the various press releases of CAIE from 17th March 2020 till the most recent one on 31st March 2020, kindly note that Grade X students will be transferring their entry from May/June 2020 series to appear for their examinations in the Oct/Nov 2020 series.

As you are aware, Dawood Public School prepares all candidates to appear for Urdu Language A.  We Cambridge has not made it clear whether this syllabus will be included as an option in the Oct/Nov 2020 series.  The Oct/Nov series generally offers the syllabus for Urdu Language B.  Cambridge is expected to release a statement on 7th April 2020 which will tell us more in this regard.  But currently, as schools are facing a deadline for submitting candidate information, we request you to kindly review the following options:

  • Students may transfer their entry for Urdu to Oct/Nov 2020 series. In this case, they may have to appear for Urdu Language B if Cambridge does not offer Urdu Language A in the series. Students who opt for this transfer with a possible syllabus change, will be supported by school with virtual classes beginning on Monday 13th April 2020 to equip the students with the changes in syllabus.
  • Students may appear for Urdu Language A along with their finals in May/June 2021. In this case, students will withdraw from May/June 2020 series and the school will add Urdu Language A to their other subjects for May/June 2021 series as per routine.

Students who had already been allowed to appear for Urdu Language B will automatically transfer their complete entry for all three subjects to the Oct/Nov 2020 series.

All Grade X students will return to school upon reopening and appear for Final Examinations before gaining a promotion to Grade XI.  Students who opted to appear for Urdu Language B in Oct/Nov 2020 series will appear for the same paper whereas students who opt for retaining Urdu Language A for appearing in May/June 2021 series will take their Final Examination in their selected syllabus.

Once Grade X students are promoted to Grade XI, the weekly timetable will include reinforcement classes for Islamiat, Pakistan Studies and Urdu.  The students will be given a break in their academic routine to appear for their CAIEs in Oct/Nov 2020 series.  The term will continue immediately after these exams are over.  Students who had opted to appear for Urdu A will continue to receive academic support in focus groups for the remaining session.

Students must inform the school regarding their choice via email to [email protected].   latest by Monday 6th April.   Kindly scan the slip below and email it back. The student’s name and GR No must be clearly mentioned in the subject line of the email.