CAIE options for Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level Students


Ref. No: STD/EX/20/151

Dear Parents and Students,

This is indeed a precarious and challenging crossroad in the academic journey for students of A-Levels.  It is most unfortunate that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in cancellation of Cambridge May/ June 2020 Examinations across the world.  However, we must look forward with optimism and make the best of the current situation.

With reference to the press release issued by the CAIE dated 31st March 2020, kindly review the following options that have been presented to the students in light of the recent unforeseen cancellation:

  • Students have an option to avail a Grade for the May/June 2020 series. In this case, students will be able to continue their journey to the next step of their academics without altering their timeline.  The Grade will be awarded on the basis of a school forecast supported by evidence of student’s work.  Cambridge has not specified as yet regarding what this evidence will include or how it will be collected.  There is a press release expected on the 7th of April will further elaborate the process.  We will share that document as soon as we receive it.


  • Students may transfer their entries to Oct/Nov 2020 series. In this case, the entire examination will be transferred and students will appear in all subject options as they would have in May/June 2020. Students who opt for this will appear for school set mock examinations at the end of June, and will be given a result in July.  These students will receive follow-up school support till Oct/Nov either by attending some special classes during specified school hours or online classes after school hours.  These students will be considered a part of DPS until they receive their Grade.

It is the suggestion of School that students avail the option of receiving a Grade via the May/June 2020 series.  However, the decision for the future course of action will have to be an independent one, and we will be available for any advice you may need.

Students who wish to transfer to Oct/Nov 2020 must inform the school via email to [email protected].   latest by 8th April before 2.00 pm.   Kindly scan the slip below and email it back. The student’s name and GR No must be clearly mentioned in the subject line of the email.

Kindly note that if school does not receive any email, it will be assumed that the student is willing to be considered for a Grade via the evidence based forecast for the May/June 2020 series.



Acknowledgment Slip 


I parent of ______________________ of Grade/section, __________ Gr No _____________ hereby confirm that I have chosen to transfer complete examination of my daughter from May/June 2020 to Oct/Nov 2020 series.

I agree to abide by school policy regarding any support given to me for this transfer and declare that I take full responsibility for my decision.


Parent’s Name: ___________________                                             Date: __________________