Friday Dispersal Arrangement


Pre Primary to O level


Dear Parents,

To ensure smooth dispersal of students we have allowed females inside the school at off time to collect their wards from the designated pick up points. However, it has been observed that on Fridays fathers/male personnel who come to collect their wards from Pre Primary, enter into the Primary and Secondary section pickup points.

Therefore, parents of the Pre Primary students are requested to collect their child promptly between 11:45 am to 12:10 pm from the designated Pre Primary pick up point. In case any parent is unable to pick his/her child between the given slot on Friday then mothers/female personnel only will be allowed inside the gate from 12:10 pm also.

If it is not manageable as mentioned above then fathers/male personnel of Pre Primary section who wish to collect their child will be allowed inside only, after 12:45 pm. However, they can collect their child from outside the Gate A and Gate B as per their convenience.

Looking forward to your cooperation.



Principal O level