Robotics Orientation Class

Ref. No:STD/AC/19/007

Pre-Primary to O-Level

Dear Parents,

DPS prides itself on engaging in activities that develop creative potential in young learners. The DPS Saturday School is one such platform where we offer a plethora of captivating programs.

For the same intend, we are pleased to open doors for all parents to attend a free orientation class as a window to view our exciting program included in Robotics and Genius Math.  Our team is eager to welcome you for a fun, hands-on session introducing STEAM concepts.

Registrations for the subsequent program will be open to all students across Karachi. Boys under twelve years of age are also welcome to participate.

Details Terms
Day and date Wednesday, August 21st 2019
Timings Session will start at 11:00 am and will last for an hour
Venue Pre-Primary Auditorium, Dawood Public School


Looking forward to a wholesome fun.



School Management