Virtual Classes for Grades I, II and III

Grade I, II and III 

Ref. No: STD/VC/20/165

Dear Students and Parents,

To supplement the learning in Homework tasks, the Primary Section is starting an additional teaching and learning process for the students of Grade I, II and III from Monday the 20th of April 2020. Teachers will send classroom invites to the students one day before the commencement of the program.

The scheduled classes will run between 9:00 am to 12:10 pm. These classes will be conducted virtually via Zoom which will be accessed through the session id and password that will be shared on whatsapp groups with parents and teachers in it.  We suggest students/parents to use a desktop or a laptop for these virtual classes so that they may benefit from the complete features offered. Using a smart phone may have compatibility issues. However, our team will always be ready to support any student/parent concerns in this regard. Grade I, II and III students/parents may kindly use their contact details provided to the school.

A video tutorial for entering Zoom can be viewed here:

A brief guideline for the login procedure is as follows:

  • Visit from your browser or download zoom app on your desktop or laptop.
  • The option for signup is simple and free however participants may join a meeting without signing up.
  • Details for joining will be provided in the messages that will be sent in the whatsapp groups. As soon as you choose ‘Join a meeting’, A 10 digit meeting id will be generated along with a 6 digit password.
  • Students/parents will only require a meeting id and password. The message will be as follows: ‘The teacher’s name’ is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Meeting id: 10 digit code, Password: 6 digit code
  • Students/parents are requested to sign in with the student’s name. The option to sign in with a custom name will be available when you join the meeting.
  • Students/parents will have the option of joining the session without video. We suggest you sign in without video for better connectivity but when you are asking questions you can turn on the video. However the instructor will have their cameras on throughout the session.
  • Each session will have a teacher leading it and helper teachers to assist students/parents with any issues they might face.
  • Students/parents are requested to mute their microphones when they are not speaking for better connectivity and learning.
  • Please be advised that each session will be 30 minutes long. The introduction and presentation will take about 20 minutes. The last 10 minutes for queries from the students.
  • Please mute your microphones for the first half of the session and write your queries in the chat window. The instructor will address these queries in the last 10 minutes.
  • The schedule for all sessions will be shared with you prior to the commencement of the session.

Looking forward to your cooperation.