Way Forward – Secondary Section

Grade VI to XI

Ref. No:STD/WF/20/178

Dear Parents,

We hope that all of you have kept safe and well at home during these past months, and pray that the recent easing of lockdown conditions will continue to keep you all within the folds of health and protection.

Heading towards June, we are getting ready to adapt once again to the new set of directives by the government.  Schools will not open as we had expected, but our outreach ventures to ensure that students remain connected to learning will undoubtedly continue.  We will be restarting online classes from Monday 8th June and these will continue till Friday 10th July.  The infrastructure for this has already been laid via the class Whatsapp groups and closer to date we will share a timetable and procedure for each class.  We recall the technical challenges some parents faced due to the lockdown conditions.  With the conditions now relaxed, we encourage you to equip yourselves accordingly, so that your children can avail maximum benefit from all future learning ventures.

The reconnect with teachers and students at their current classes will enable students to reinforce important concepts before entering the next phase of their academic life.  The seniors in the Secondary Section have additional responsibilities at this juncture; Grade VIII will be moving into the O Level years and will be sent subject selection forms for this important milestone.  Students of Grade IX and X will have to show enhanced responsibility to their learning in order to match the standards expected from them.  Grade XI will be engaging in skill development online programs to replace the mandatory social service options they would have signed up for.  Our pledge is to have a promising transition to end a disrupted term.

Where promotions seem inevitable, it is essential that students show readiness to face the challenges of the next classes.  For this, academic coverage is a foundation, but displaying a sense of responsibility is just as important a consideration in the kind of adjustments that we anticipate as we move into an altered future.  The response to uploaded HW, virtual classes’ attendance and assignments from before the summer vacation, as well as the next and upcoming set of interactive learning, will all help to develop a comprehensive student profile for readiness to next class.

A consolidated progress report will be emailed to you in mid-July and this must be acknowledged.  You may still have Library books with you, kindly keep them secure until conditions allow us to seek a return.

We will keep you informed on our plans and share details to reopen school and resume classes, but as you are aware this is subject to easing of Government regulations and approvals.

We thank you for all your support and cooperation during these times of uncertainty and are grateful for your role in each of the ventures extended towards the students.

Praying for a blessed Ramadan, a happy Eid and a safer future ahead.


Your’s Sincerely,

Sharmeen Hussain

Section Head