Way Forward –Primary Section Grade I

Grade I 

Ref. No:STD/WF/20/176

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We hope that you and your families are safe and in good health and are enjoying the blessed month of Ramadan. We want to thank you for your interest and efforts in keeping your children connected with us and engaged in learning activities during these unprecedented closure time.

As teachers, students and parents we have supported each other through challenging and uncertain circumstances, and have continued to work and learn together.

Your feedback has been crucial in enabling us to refine our approach to distance learning. We will continue to ensure children are getting the most out of e-learning activities whilst at home.

With regard to the government’s recent announcement about school opening date i.e. 15 July, we will resume our online classes for Grade I, from 8 June – 10 July, 2020. Schedule and links will be duly shared with you as per previous pattern.

Teachers have been observing children in their close interaction during school time.  The assessment report will be based on the overall performance of the children in school, timely submission of homework during COVID 19, and attendance in upcoming June-July online classes.

In July, we will be sharing with you, your child’s final term report and promotion to the next class. The report card will be sent via email and request for a confirmation from you upon receipt of the same.

On school reopening, children will be promoted to the next class. However, they will spend a week’s time in their previous class to bridge the long gap being away from school.

We would like to extend a gentle reminder to secure ORT/ORB/Library books that your child may have borrowed from the school library, and to return them when the school re-opens. 

We will keep you informed on our plans and share details to re-open the school and resume classes, but as you are aware this is subject to easing of Government regulations and approvals. Once the school re-commences, we will do our best to support students in transitioning to their new classes given the disruption to the previous term.

In the meantime, in case you are looking for more activities for your children in the long summer days ahead, with stay home restrictions, a list of resources will be posted on our website, as there are no limits to learning and now there is plenty of time too!

Thank you for your cooperation and support. We wish you a happy Eid ahead and a wonderful summer break.


Yours Sincerely,

Seemi Aamir

Section Head