Schedule of assignments

Grade X and XI


Ref. No: STD/AW/20/161

Dear Parents,

As our students approach the end of their CAIE O Level journey this summer, we wish them the best of luck with what lies ahead.  The school is in the process of reviewing student work and teachers are poring over previous achievements to carefully predict a grade for each student in every subject.  As you can imagine, this is a big task and is further challenging with the city’s conditions.

We thank you for your kind collaboration with us and are grateful for the patience and cooperation you have upheld during this recent period of uncertainty.

To keep our students actively engaged in their academic learning, the teachers will be assigning various tasks.  These will vary in each subject, with an aim to develop a holistic skill set which will undoubtedly assist as they move forward to the next step of their schooling tenure.  Prior to each assignment, teachers will reconnect with the students via Zoom session to discuss the importance of the skill set embedded in every task.

Dawood Public School has always been proud of all learners as they proceed to other institutions where they reflect our values as strong alumni.  We request you to once again play your role in the teacher-student-parent triad and encourage your daughter to work independently, exhibiting the responsibility we need to ensure as we ready our students for a bright future.

Kindly note the schedule for these assignments; the submission of each will be made up till one week after it is sent.


Grade X
Tuesday 14th April 2020 Geography
Friday 17th April 2020 Urdu
Tuesday 21st April 2020 History
Friday 24th April 2020 Islamiat


Monday 13th April 2020 English
Wednesday 15th April 2020 Chemistry/Economics
Friday 17th April 2020 Biology/Accounts
Monday 20th April 2020 Maths
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 Physics/Business Studies
Friday 24th April 2020 Humanities/Optionals


Students will email their work to the respective teachers; email id’s of teachers are available on the school website in the drop down option of the taskbar for ‘Academics’.

Wishing you safety and health.