Textbook sets for academic year 2019-2020

Ref. No:STD/AC/19/136

Pre Primary (both shifts) to class VIII


Dear Parents,

DPS desires to provide parents facilities to ease their workload, hence we have been arranging the availability of textbooks in school. Study packs comprising of text books and notebooks for the upcoming academic year 2019-2020 shall be available in school during the Summer Vacation.

Please note the following details in this regard:

  • Notebook set (including notebooks, journals, registers, homework diary and plastic covers) will be available from school only.
  • Purchase of textbooks and workbooks from school is optional.
  • Only complete set of books can be purchased from school. No book or workbook will be sold separately.
  • Orders for textbooks will only be placed according to the acknowledgement slips received.
  • For grade IX text books for compulsory subjects only, will be available at school. Text books for optional subjects must be arranged by the parents.
  • Booklist with the required edition numbers, along with stationery and art lists, will be posted after the final examination result on the DPS website

If you wish to buy the textbook set for your daughter, please fill in this acknowledgment slip provided below and send it via email to respective Section In-charges by March 15, 2019.


Principal O level


Aknowledgement Slip

I, _____________________________, parent of __________________________, Grade/Sec _________,GR #____________wish to purchase the textbook set for the upcoming year 2019-2020 for grade _______ from school.

Parent’s Cell No: ______________________             Signature:  _______________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________