Islam has no place for religious intolerance: Imam-e-Kaaba

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Imam-e-Kaaba Shaikh Khalid al-Ghamidi has led the Friday prayers in Bahria Town Grand Mosque in the provincial capital amid tight security. In his sermon, he said that Islam does not have tolerance for religious prejudice and discrimination.
Ghamidi delievered a sermon after leading the call for prayer (Azan). Before the Azan, Ghamidi was introduced to the people. Imam-e-Kaaba is a PhD doctor and hails from the family of Prophet (PBUH). He is delivering sermons in Kaaba for the past as many as eight years.
He said that Islam has granted excellent rights to the minorities. The Imam-e-Kaaba said that Islam teaches us to love one another. He said that there is no tolerance for religious prejudice and discrimination in Islam. Ghamidi said that the Prophet (PBUH) taught us to behave in the best way possible with the minorities. Islam teaches us to protect the places of worship of other religions, he added.
Ghamidi said that our religion does not permit us to envy one another. He elaborated with the example set by Prophet (PBUH) by inquiring about the health of a Jewish child. The Imam-e-Kaaba urged the people to recite darood for Prophet (PBUH) as many times as they could.
Ghamidi seeded a plant in the Grand Mosque of Bahria Town. Ghamidi was previously Imam of Masjid-e-Nabvi and Masjid-e-Quba.
The Grand Mosque is the seventh largest mosque in the world and the largest in Pakistan. It accommodates at least 70,000 people.