WWF Carnival Report :

 WWF Pakistan organizes a Nature Carnival every year at PAF Museum in Karachi.  DPS is the first registered green school and supports WWF in its programs. It participates in activities initiated for creating awareness about environment that works to protect it to make Pakistan a greener and cleaner country. Our students participate in this annual event with enthusiasm and vigour under the supervision of their equally motivated teachers. They make implementable models on key environmental issues.  This year again they participated in all the six themes and displayed working models and projects with interactive presentations. Students from more than 100 educational institutions participated in trhe event.
Benefits of Trees (Level 1-2): The 3 D model portrayed that planting trees creates a healthy environment.  The project highlighted that trees help fight global warming, reduce storm water run off and soil erosion. Trees also provide food, shelter, protection and homes for animals and birds.
Green neighbourhood (Level 3-4): The prize winning project emphasized on activities that could improve the environment. It stressed on marine conservation, fish farming and fishing techniques. It represented simple ways to use water wisely by fixing leaking taps and rain water harvesting. Alternative ways of producing electricity from solar energy, wind turbines and garbage were displayed.  It highlighted ways of proper solid waste management for converting it into organic waste which can be recycled.  It also emphasized on forming a Green Society which would initiate programs for saving electricity and natural resources that reduce the carbon footprint.
Health-Hygiene-Environment (Level 5-6): This project depicted the importance of a healthy and hygienic environment. It represented a model city which showed a residential area, school hospital and a factory. It displayed a purpose built well planned school building, well ventilated classrooms, spacious playgrounds and common areas, provision of safe water, sanitation and health care facilities. It portrayed residential area with two kinds of houses practicing hygienic and unhygienic activities and their impact on the environment. The factory shown had tall chimneys so that smoke emitted can go high up causing less pollution. Standard principles to be followed in a hospital such as sanitation, disinfection, sterilization and regular cleaning of wards were also highlighted.
Disaster management (Level 7-8): The project comprised of four steps mitigation, preparation, recovery and response.  The model focused on natural disasters. It displayed flood prone area, earth quakes, tsunami risk zone and fire accidents. For combating these disasters stable infrastructure, modification of traditional manjis into rafts, assembly points, evacuation plan and fire emergency exits that can help   reduce their impact on human life were displayed.
Watershed Management (Level 9-10): The award winning model depicted Pakistan, it being a semi arid country faces extreme issues in water resource management. These issues are a threat to the society. Focusing on these issues the project highlighted plausible solutions and alternatives to combat them.  Through a compare and contrast theme it explained the importance of restoring water and how with little effort but much devotion the landscape can be changed from barren to a green land. It also addressed issues like water supply regulation, deforestation, rain water harvesting and other proposed manmade techniques and technologies.
Illegal Hunting (A level): Students displayed their project on this theme. They made sculptures and canvases portraying endangered animals. The most interesting display was of Markhor Pakistan’s national animal and the Indus dolphin.
Exclusive and excellent backdrops conceptualizing the themes of the projects were made by the students under the supervision of their art teachers.  All students and teachers worked enthusiastically unleashing their creativity and skills in making the projects.  Students engaged visitors by sharing valuable information about their projects very confidently and gave plausible explanations to the queries put up. DPS also was honoured with the Best Overall Performance Trophy.


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