Positive Parenting Workshop:

 DPS is committed to the overall development and well being of its students and hence has introduced counseling as a part of its program.  Counseling provides an opportunity for parents to put forth their concerns and seek solutions to problems they face in dealing with children. To introduce the school counselors to parents an interactive session titled “Positive Parenting” was arranged on 22nd October 2014. The workshop dealt with family life; parents commitment towards kids; qualities they would want their children to acquire; types of children, parental attitude, respect for rules and regulations; use of punishment, promotion of healthy interaction; effective communication and accepting a child as an individual.  The counselors discussed that parent’s commitment helps children develop into acceptable members of a society. About 125 parents attended the session. During the Q/A session they discussed issues they face in disciplining their children and requested for similar workshops to be conducted regularly.



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