Wall Painting:

Colours add life and enhance the aesthetics of our surroundings.  A wall painting activity was arranged for students of all sections of class IX to A levels.  The wall adjacent to the back gate was selected for the activity. Students under the guidance of their Art teachers worked enthusiastically on the project.  They were encouraged to explore their imagination and develop their own motifs and designs. They projected their ideas using oil based paints and sprays and created wall murals.
Blend of amazing hues were a treat to watch and all the students started playing with the color palate to display their aesthetic creativity on the wall. Their faces were lit with joy and excitement as they felt proud to be contributing towards making their school environs more beautiful and bright. At first they created designs and shapes on the wall with the techniques learnt in their art classes over the years. While they were painting laughter, excitement and sharing of ideas was evident.
The three hours activity culminated in the creation of amazing masterpieces by our young and talented students that changed the look of the wall.

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