Ubharthay Sitarey Interschool Singing Competition:

Ubharthay Sitarey is an Interschool Singing Competition organized by TCF to raise funds for its programmes. A team of TCF volunteers visited Dawood Public School on12thSeptember 2013. The facilitator Ms Biba Najib gave a presentation and briefed the students about the organisation’s objectives, vision and achievements. She explained that all the organisation’s programmes are financed through fund raising.
She added that TCF is working to promote womens’ education in Pakistan and is trying to reach the less privileged who cannot afford the burden of formal education for their children. She also mentioned the achievements of TCF in their efforts to reach out to those who cannot afford education.
She put forward the basic rules of the competition. She also motivated students to participate in the competition. Later the facilitator handed the material of Ubhartay Sitare to the Activity Coordinator with their envelopes for fund raising.

Students donated an amount of Rs 2,64000/-

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