DPS Student Council 2015-16:

The bright morning of Thursday 27th August bore the results of the revolutionary elections for our Student Council 2015-16.  The students gathered at a specially designed assembly to witness a motivated oath taking ceremony led by the newly elected Head Girl, Asma Riaz of XI SB. 

The affair bespoke elegance as each prefect was announced and stepped forward to proudly receive the gown or sash by the Section Heads, Ms Seemi for the Primary Section and Ms Nazish for the Secondary Section, and Ms Mahvash, the Principal who led from the front.

Standing with pride, the Council pledged to uphold the values of DPS; bearing high moral character to display the inherent traits of DPS girls.

Reported by Rida Shahzad XI CH and Hafsa Mushtaq XI C
-The Literary Guild-


Standing left to right

Row 1: Ms Mahvash Roshani, Soha Khan, Maliha Yasin, Maham Farhan, Dua Fahim, Sana Hussain, Lamia Muneer, Imsha Abdullah, Bisma Arif, Afra Ghulam, Noor us Sabahat, Manahil Sohail, Khillat Zehra, Aisha Fahad, Manahil Siddiqui, Maha Sheikhani, Abia Asif, Aimen Sohail, Sahal Shahid, Hafsa Ahsan and Ms Nazish Hassan.
Row 2: Ms Sharmeen Hussain, Areeba Sabir, Areeba Fatima, Kashf Rizwan, Areesha Zafar, Aisha Siddiqui, Mahvish Munir, Areeba Mesia, Sharmeen Khan, Sara Fatima, Umaima Sohail, Zoha Zahid, Zainab Aqeel, Mariam Alvi, Ramsha Murad, Maidah Sohail, Zoha Mirza, Ms Rehana Mohsin and Ms Rukhsana Aziz.
Row 3: Sir Hassan Najeeb, Zoha Ovais, Fatima Shabbir, Dania Riaz, Neha Waseem, Ateqa Tehreem, Romeen Riaz, Mariam Afzal, Mariam Hussain, Aisha Liaqat, Maham Mohsin, Aisha Rehman, Rameen Alvi, Wareesha Murad, Rahimeen Rizwan, Aisha Khan, Mahnoor Sheikh, Azka Nasir, Sara Hussain, Umaima Irfan, Fatima tu Zehra, Shahpar Shezad and Sir Mohammed Danish.



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