School’s Sports Day:

  The School’s Sports Day is one of the most cherished events of the year.Dawood Public School  pre primary and primary section  Sports Day was held on  27th and 28th March 2014 in the school’s sports ground. Parents were invited to the event.  The venue was adorned with beautiful decorations, balloons, buntings and amazing collages of the students art work on the sports day theme. These collages were displayed at the school entrance and in the ground. The Principal welcomed the guests and stressed on the significance of sports, she said that sports instill lessons that play an important role in the life of students; she further reiterated that sports provide a platform for them to deal with competition and to cope with winning and losing. The event started with a spectacular walk past by the students, amidst thunderous applause from parents, students entered the arena in their PE uniforms carrying balloons representing their Houses.  The celebration began with the recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran followed by the oath taking ceremony in which the students pledged to follow the rules of the games and to demonstrate sportsman spirit. Later all present joined in the National Anthem. While parents cheered on, the day was made even more festive when students released the balloons and the sky was filled with a spectrum of beautiful colours.  The little energetic cheerleaders dressed as clowns moving around the arena kept the audience entertained.  The performance on the songs ‘That’s My Name’ and ‘I love You’ by the preschoolers and ‘Let’s get started’ and ‘I am alive’ by the primary section students were full of life and a treat to watch.  The colourful PE display and unique races captivated the minds of the audience. Besides track events and displays the pre primary students showcased their mastery over simple yoga exercises and received booming ovation. The fathers’, mothers’ teachers’, Admin Staff and maintenance and support staff races delighted the audience.  The event wrapped up on a thank you note and prize distribution by the CEO. The parents enjoyed the sports gala and commended the efforts of the management for organizing a well planned event.

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