SIUT Presentation:

Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant (SIUT)is the most reputed medical institutions that provides specialised medical care and free of cost treatment to patients suffering from kidney and liver ailments. To inform students about organ donation and voluntary services program, a team from SIUT visited our school on 19thSeptember, 2013. Dr.Wasim, conducted a presentation for students of O and A levels. He discussed the causes, treatment and prevention of kidney disease and renal failure.  He informed that patients with kidney failure can survive on dialysis for a short time and as a long term treatment kidney transplant is the best option. He also discussed the need for organ donation, and its legalities. Students were told to educate the masses about organ donation to save the lives of thousands waiting to live a second life.
 He later discussed the SIUT” Volunteer Program” and the benefits of summer and winter internship programs.

 Dr.Wasim thanked the school’s management for giving them an opportunity to enlighten the students about the two areas discussed in the presentation.


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