Colour Day:

Colours make our life beautiful especially for kids as they are naturally attracted towards colours.
By keeping this thing in mind we decided to celebrate a colour day in our Pre-Primary section for Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes on Wednesday 30 Oct, 2013.

Six colours were selected i.e. Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green and Orange. Classes were decorated beautifully. Children were dressed up respectively and brought toys and snacks along with them according to their colours.

Different art work was done by the children such as collage work and pasting which was put up on the soft boards. They were also given with flowers clipped on their heads.

Our school Principal came to visit the classes and appreciated the combined efforts of teachers and students.

Children had fun while enjoying this colour day as this was the great platform for encouraging them to participate in these kind of activities from which they able to learn a lot and which will surely help them to enhance their vocabulary.

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