Feast Day:

  Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most prolific tragedies.  It has been performed at all levels of international theatre, television and film. Spurred by the legacy of the play, the students of all sections of class VIII took on the task of putting on a performance.
No effort was spared in the enactment of the play acting, stage, costumes and soundtrack created the perfect atmosphere and ambience.
The play was judged on three aspects Ramp Walk, Role Play and Hot Seat. The first feature of the play was the Ramp Walk here students of all four section of class VIII walked the ramp stiffly but in a dignified manner representing the roles they had to play; next it was time to perform the roles. Act I, II, III and IV was performed by sections A, B, C and D respectively. The performance of the evil witches, Macbeth’s ambition, Lady Macbeth’s influence on her lord was outstanding and elicited applause round after round. The Hot Seat segment was as beguiling as the play. It was time to test students’ understanding of the play. All characters of the play had to face a volley of empathy questions put up by the judges. The answers were as witty as the thought provoking questions. This was the most interesting part of the program. 
Although all actors acted superbly, bringing life to Shakespeare’s immortal words; the standout performance that created magic and gave everyone in the audience goose bumps must be credited to the ‘Three Witches’ who enthralled the audience with their dialogue delivery and brilliant presentation of their act.
This fantastic endeavor by the students was greatly cherished. The judges lauded their efforts and gave useful advice on how the performance could have been better and appreciated their achievement. In the end a grand and lavish feast was served Banquo’s guests.


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