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1st Inter School Sports Tournament:

DPS organized its 1st Inter School Sports Tournament stretching over a period of four days.
The four day tournament was held in the DPS sports ground. 19 leading schools of Karachi participated in the event.
The opening program commenced with the walk past. Led by the head girls O and A levels carrying the school flag and the national flag, the dps student’s council proudly walked in.  Later the participating schools entered the ground led with the members of the dps student’s council carrying the participating school’s placard, headed by the preschool students dressed as eminent sports personalities. The crowd cheered the teams as they walked past.
The official ceremony commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Principals O and A levels welcomed the participating teams followed by the oath taking. The athletes pledged to abide by the rules and regulations of the tournament.
To mark the opening of the tournament a flight of colourful balloons were released by the pre school students attired as eminent sport personalities, this was followed by the national anthem.
 After the national anthem were a series of amazing PE displays by students of primary, secondary and Alevels. This was followed by the friendly match between teams of the students of participating O and A level schools.
The acrobatic display was a fantastic show of multiple artistic, controlled body movements performed with precision and grace.
 The fire eaters exceeded the expectations of the spectators. Their mind blowing performance kept them intrigued through out the performance. The ceremony was wrapped up by a show of spectacular colours.  As the count down for closing of the day’s program was announced fire works exploded creating a unique scene that illuminated the sky. This was an amazing spectacle.


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