Inter School Sports Tournament Closing Ceremony:

Dawood Public School launched its first four day interschool sports tournament,19 leading schools across Karachi participated with zeal and enthusiasm in the event. The official ceremony was fabulous. It commenced with the of teams walk past headed by the DPS council and accompanied by preschoolers attired as distinguished sports personalities. The DPS students of preprimary, primary and O levels put up a spectacular P .E display it was a colorful overview of students at their best. The acrobatics performed by state athlete Maryam, was a fantastic show of controlled body movements performed with precision and grace and the mind blowing performance by the fire eater was awe inspiring. The ceremony was wrapped up by stunning fire works. The main attraction of the tournament were the throw ball and  table tennis matches played on knock out basis and supervised by professional referees. The first matches of the tournament commenced on 21st Nov. The A levels teams played exhilarating matches, Bay View High and Aga Khan College moved on to the semifinal. The O level matches  were played on 22nd Nov and won by Dps and Haq Academy; Head Start and Hampton School and they moved on to the semi finals. The table tennis tournament played on 25th Nov between A level teams and O level teams was as thrilling as the throw ball matches. The winners of the table tennis tournament O level is Head Start while that of A level is Nixor College, they played a startling game.  The  final of the A level throw ball match played between Bay View High and Aga Khan college was won by Aga Khan College and that of O levels played between Haq Academy and Hampton School was won by Haq Academy. As the finals ended the DPS students, under thunderous applause put up the mind blowing P.E displays. This was followed by the prize distribution by the A and O level Principals. The O level Principal conferred the trophy  to the winning O level team and medals to the runners up while the A level Principal handed over the trophy to the winning team of A level schools and medals to the runners up.   The closing was as unique as the opening it celebrated the hard work and dedication of the players to the game. The ceremony closed with  thought provoking words of the Principal she  stressed the significance of sports in the development of a healthy well rounded personality, she said that sports were  essential to make students confident and dynamic, sports develop moral and ethical values in students. Lastly she said that it was not about winning or losing these elements are a part of the game but it is the sportsman spirit that matters which all teams have displayed.

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