Innovative teaching Styles:

 On 14th September, a workshop on Innovative Teaching Styles was organized for teachers by Mr. Syed Mehmood Hassan, (Assistant Professor (IMD) NED Engineering University).

His presentation dealt with Cultural and Traditional Teaching Methodologies, Technology in Teaching, and Creativity in Teaching. He focused on each method as a means to enhance teaching approach and learning experience. He laid stress on the teaching strategies a teacher should use to make the students’ learning process more interesting. He emphasized mainly on technology-induced learning; further elaborated that the preferred method of technology a teacher should use must depend on her class requirements. A teacher should focus on gearing her students towards E-learning and help them realize that internet should be used as a means for research and as an aid to studies. The presentation also dealt with the teacher/student relationship, he reiterated that patience and perseverance would make it a productive and efficient relationship. Furthermore, he enunciated that teachers should encourage creativity, build a student’s critical and analytical skills.  He stressed on the importance of women education. The workshop helped teachers understand the complete essence of teaching, how to bring about innovation in their teaching methodology and how teaching and learning are inter-dependent