Health Awareness session:

On Wednesday, September18, 2013, a Health Awareness session was arranged for class VIII and IX students, at 11am.The speakers were members of AKUH faculty.
Dr. Saleha Shah spoke on Common Dental problems and two physiotherapists, Mr. Asim Mehmood and Mr. Mohabbat Ali, threw light on Physical Fitness and Exercise.
Children grow up uninformed of the importance of oral care and consequently become adults with compromised oral health, missing teeth and oral dysfunction.
Dr. Saleha explained the tooth structure, Primary and Permanent Dentition and then discussed the presentation of dental erosions and caries with the help of images. The different developmental anomalies were also discussed.
She emphasized that prevention is the cornerstone and that diet, oral hygiene and fluoride play a key role.
The two physiotherapists laid stress on the importance of physical activities for healthy growth and development. Exercise provides opportunities to develop social skills and self esteem. It reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, hypertension and bone diseases, bone density is increased and the body’s immune system is improved.

The students were explained the exercise plans and the tips for exercising safely.

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