Health Awareness Session by PNDS :

   “Nutrition Day” is an event celebrated globally on 13th March. To educate students and cafeteria employees Ms.Saima Rasheed, vice president, Pakistan’s Nutritionists and Dieticians Society ((PNDS) shared a presentation about ‘healthy eating habits’.

The presentation included introduction to basic food groups, concepts of hunger and appetite, energy needs, importance of physical activity, healthy and unhealthy snacks etc.
The graphics and pictures in the presentation were interesting and students interactively participated throughout the session. The images of tempting burgers and yummy desserts excited their appetites; emphasis was laid on smaller portion and less frequency of having such foods in daily diet. Several healthy options for school lunch were discussed.

At the end of the session a post test was conducted where students answered the questions based on the presentation. Prizes were distributed among students who answered correctly.

PNDS members also had a discussion with cafeteria and school management and suggested healthy snack options that should be served to students.


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