Good Manners Day:

Inculcating good manners and etiquettes at an early age builds a life long disposition. Parents and teachers together can instill these qualities in children to make them role models for the society.  Good manners help children to give respect and get respect.
Focusing on the responsibility a school shoulders in developing a well mannered generation “Good Manners Day” was organized in the pre primary section.  During the morning assembly teachers discussed about acceptable behavior and table manners. They emphasized that everyone should be polite and courteous; and never be rude.
Teachers also discussed the following points

  • We should not interrupt when somebody is speaking but if it is urgent then we should say “Excuse me”
  • We should say “Thank you” if we receive something and “Please” if we ask for something.
  •  We should be polite and never call names, as it hurts.
  •  We should not touch anyone’s belongings without permission.
  •  We should eat with our mouth closed and use a napkin to wipe our mouth and hands.

Teachers narrated stories which helped children realize that a thank you, a smile, a helping hand, a greeting and an apology spreads happiness and creates harmony.