Inter-school Bilingual Elocution Contest 2014 :

  Besides academic and co-curricular activities we feel privileged to organize contests that build intellectually vibrant and all-round confident students.
An Inter-school Bilingual Elocution Contest has been a regular feature for the past few academic years.  The objective of organizing the contest is to promote healthy competition amongst the students; to stress upon the importance of both languages, English and Urdu and to inculcate a sense of appreciation of literature among students. This year DPS hosted this contest on 6th March in its vast and exquisite A Levels’ building. Twenty two students from twelve reputed schools of Karachi honored us with their participation in this contest.
The program commenced at 9:30 a.m. sharp. Maha Ansar and Areeba Aslam of grade XI- SA formally welcomed the participants. The program began with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran followed by a welcome address by Zehra Rashid the head girl, welcoming the guests she said that the school believes in promoting talent and provides a platform for students to showcase their skills. Further she reiterated that the key to making the program worthwhile was to indulge and enjoy every piece of literature that would be presented during the competition.
 The panel of judges for the competition included Ms. Tabinda Shahid, famous journalist and social worker, Mr. Talat Hussain, well-known actor, writer and producer and Mr. Khalid Anum the famous singer, actor and poet.
 The competition began in the alphabetical order of the schools registered. Each contestant’s selection of poetry was exceptional and they tried to deliver it to the best of their ability.
Khillat Zehra of IX-SA swayed the audience with her melodious voice, singing popular songs to entertain the students, while the judges were busy preparing the results of the Bilingual Elocution Contest.
In the English Elocution Contest, Mohammed Rohan of Happy Home School secured the first position. Binyameen of River Oaks Academy stood second, and Roha Sitwat of Mama Parsi School was awarded the third position.
In the Urdu Elocution Contest, Shehroze Hussain of Haque Academy was awarded the first position. Zoha Bashir of Mama Parsi School secured the second position and Asad Raza of Habib Public School was awarded the third position.
The eminent judges commended the impressive and incredible confidence of the participants. They also admired the selection of poems by the participants. Credit here must be extended to the teachers who most certainly aided their students in their selection of excellent literature.
Mr. Talat Hussain announced the results and congratulated the winners. He gave them useful tips on how poetry has to be rendered and advised them to cherish literature and to make it a part of their lives. He also emphasized the need and significance of Literature and Art for producing an ideal society.
Mr. Khalid Anum stressed that the audience should remain in close contact with Urdu Literature as it is our mother tongue.  With some persuasion and amid thunderous applause he delighted the audience with his famous rendition of ‘Peera ho…’
Later, the judges handed over the prizes and certificates to the participants of the Bilingual Elocution Contest.
Finally, the Principal of Dawood Public School, Ms Mahvash Roshani thanked the judges for taking out time from their busy schedule to grace the occasion. She emphasized on the importance of such literary events and on the significance of both the languages. She appreciated the selection of poems from various genres of English and Urdu Literature.  She praised the student generation and reiterated that they have the potential to attain heights in any of the careers they may choose to pursue. She stressed on the worth of the oratory skill which she considers to be the cornerstone of success in one’s life.

On the whole the event added glimmer to students’ eloquence and gave them a chance to gain valuable knowledge from our esteemed judges to further hone their skills. It reminded the audience of one of Shakespeare’s saying ‘Suit the action to the word, the word to the action, with this special observance that you o’er step not the modesty of nature.’



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