On 21st April 2014, during the zero period students of class IX-SA presented a 45 minutes short drama, adopted from the novel “Dastak” by Yonus Javed. Through this short play students promoted and delivered the message of compassion, love and care for each other. Students of classes VIII and IX along with their teachers watched the play. The story revolves round a poor professor and a rich couple. The poor man is deprived of the basic needs and is forced to ask for help. It was cold season, he approached the rich couple and asked for warm clothes instead of helping him they ridiculed him and warned him never to come back to them again. The man died of cold and then the couple was in the forefront making arrangements for his burial; they even provided a blanket saying that the dead might feel cold too. This story reflects the attitude of some people in our society; which is extremely tragic and needs to be changed. Pluto rightly said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”
This play taught the lesson that we should be compassionate and care for others while they are alive.




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